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Private Fishing On The Hampshire Avon
Established 30 Years

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Coarse and Game syndicate.

On the Hampshire Avon.

In the New Forest.

Limited membership.

Two and a half miles double bank.

Ongoing management and improvements.


Notice Board Update 23rd July 2007

Weather Check


*** Foot and Mouth - Access to Charford ***

Ellie Thorne with a Barbel of 11lbs 8oz that she caught with dad John's help 25 07 07



Ken Doing It !!


Chris after barbel

Matt 12lb 14oz

Chris Yates 13lb 4oz

Bob 12lb 12oz


Barbel, Dace & Chub.....................

Barbel catches have been good throughout the fishery .........Chub..... perch .........Some bags of roach - See Notice Board for full details.

2nd batch of brown trout have beeen released into the fishery.

STOP PRESS...............

25th March 2007

I was lucky enough to spot two ospreys at Hale this morning. One of them flew on northwards but the other circled around and perched in trees now and again.

New Years EveTorrential rain has now put the river firmly into flood conditions and there is plenty more forecast. We had been getting chub and dace in what was already a high river, but I think it will be unfishable for at least the rest of this week.


December 7th 2006
We have certainly had a great deal of rain during the past month and the Avon is in flood in several places down the valley. Our fishery is not too bad and is definitely fishable at the moment. The wind can be a bit blustery and you need your brolly for those heavy showers,but I always noticed that a lot of extra special fish came to the net when we were a tad uncomfortable! - Go fishing!

November 2006

The rains came at last in the last week of October,-just at the right time, as the weed was weakening

September 1st 2006

Large perch are now being spotted around the fishery in increasing numbers.

August 13th 2006

The weather has turned considerably cooler in the last week or so,- much better fishing temperatures.

August 4th 2006

The weed growth has accelerated dramatically in the excessive heat.........

large fly hatches and the surface has been alive with fish of all types feeding on them.............

May 2006

Torrential rain has raised the water level by around fifteen inches.................

Several thousand roach have also been recently introduced ........

Full details and larger pics on notice board


The first salmon ...........................

The first stocking of brown trout .......................

The annual sampling carried out on the fishery by the Environment Agency was very encouraging ..........


To read about these items and see the EA sampling photos please check out the Notice Board


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